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Information Regarding a Part 145 CRS Repair Station,

If you’ve managed, owned or are in consideration of starting a Part 145 CRS Operation, then you are well aware of the challenges you face as you provide the important services of a FAA Certified Repair Station (CRS) Aircraft Maintenance Facility. I’ve learned a thing or two after 30 years in air agency aircraft avionics bench repair/installation/modification/electrical services. I've started two CRS agencies from scratch, each structured differently. I’d like to share my experience.


There is a difference!  

The big difference is how efficiently your operation converts man hours into profits and maintains the regulations required by the FAA. The experience I have to share is a competitive edge and provides: 

  • Minimal equipment and material investment
  • Efficient front-end operating system 
  • Healthy Personnel/Company pay structure
  • Significant growth potential
  • Proven Business Plan


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